Rakabot COMMERCIAL Shelf – Width 46.50″ – 2 Levels

A storage solution for shoes and boots with a sturdy and robust look. Very easy to clean and move. Say goodbye to soaked floors, wet feet, cluttered entryway and waterlogged carpets!

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Rakabot COMMERCIAL Shelf – A sturdy and robust footwear storage solution for shoes and boots. The COMMERCIAL is made of durable materials. Shelves and side panels are made of powder coated satin coat steel. Standard color is metallic grey (RAL 9006). It comes by default with a wheel’s kit which makes easy for the maintenance team to move the COMMERCIAL around.

Say goodbye to soaked floors, wet feet, clutter entryway and waterlogged carpets!

If you are looking for a solution that requires minimum cleaning time, there you go.  This model is made for customer looking for the RAKABOT functionalities. Ideal for walk-in and employee’s entrance. It prevents bad falls from yet floors and boots laying on the floor.

Dimensions [Width x Height x Depth]
Imperial (inches): 46.50″ x 17.00″ x 14.88″
Metric (centimeters): 118.1cm x 43.2cm x 35.6 cm

Capacity: 10 to 12 pairs

Assembly time: 15-30 minutes

Materials: Powder coated satin coat steel, easy to clean plastic bucket

Wall anchoring kit: Not necessary

Warranty: 1 year

Made In Canada 

Patented technology: Allows air to go under the soleplate and dry it, gutter principle allows recovering molten water in a easy-to-wash 625ml receptacles. The smooth surface of the shelves allows for quick cleaning and gives you a clean and welcoming entrance with little effort.

*Shipping not included

Additional information

Weight 19.50 kg
Dimensions 120.7 × 42.6 × 30.5 cm


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