5 RAKABOT Entryway Shoe and Boot Storage Solutions for Every Home
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5 RAKABOT Entryway Shoe and Boot Storage Solutions for Every Home

A neatly arranged and organized entrance or lobby of a home gives a pleasant vibe to owners and guests alike. A compact and nicely designed entryway shoe and boot storage helps arrange messy, wet and dirty shoes. Depending on the space available at the entrance one can choose either a horizontal or tall shoe and boot storage rack. However, it is crucial to source this from an experienced and trustworthy manufacturer and supplier. RAKABOT is an experienced player in this segment and offers innovative and efficient entryway shoe and boot storage solutions. This post throws light on various entryway shoe and boot storage racks offered by RAKABOT. 

5 Popular Entryway Shoe and Boot Storage Solutions for Homes by RAKABOT

The company uses Rakabot technology which helps drain the water and stones from shoes which gets collected in the bucket below the rack. This patented self-draining feature is innovative and all the boot storage racks for homes are designed in this manner. Here are five types of shoe rack solutions RAKABOT offers and their exclusive features

1. Wooden entrance bench:

wooden entrance bench

These racks offer a warm and rustic look to your home entrance. Honey, dark brown, whisky and grey wolf are some of the wood stains offered. This solid bench can be used to sit and store your shoes. It is available in various widths such as 33" for storing three pairs of shoes, 43" for four pairs, and 53" for five pairs. Its height is up to 20".

2. Plastic stackable boot rack: 

Plastic stackable boot rack

This is a compact, lightweight, and economical yet sturdy shoe rack. You can increase the height if required by stacking up to six shelves on top. Each rack is tilted on one end which allows the water to flow into the bucket shape at the end of the tilt. Each rack can accommodate two pairs of shoes. There are interlocking posts which makes the rack flexible. 

3. Boot racks with a stainless steel finish: 

Boot racks with a stainless steel finish

These elegant boot racks are made of powder coated metal that provides stainless steel finish. There are removable trays inside the rack which can be easily cleaned. These beautiful tall shoe and boot storage racks with black panels can accommodate eight pairs of shoes plus additional four pairs without dripping. Their dimensions are 33" (width) x 23" (height) x 13" (depth), which are customizable.

4. Elegant Tiered metal boot racks: 

Tiered metal boot racks

These racks have two or more tiers to accommodate maximum possible number of shoes. Each tier has a V-shaped structure which allows water collection. It is made of powder coated metal or stainless steel, and the trays can be easily removed and assembled. For 33" (width) x 23" (height) x 13" (depth) dimensions, this rack can store seven to eight pairs of shoes with a capacity for additional four pairs

5. Boot racks with water collecting bucket: 

Boot racks with water collecting bucket

Those commercial metal boot rack are the only best ways to manage wet footwear in the winter season.  Wooden furniture’s are costly and won’t last more than 2 seasons. It comes in various widths that can store from two to five pairs per shelves. The shelves can have up to 6 tier which makes it the best in its category to manage large quantity of footwear.  The panels can be customized to the color of your choice. They are offered with a 2-year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

RAKABOT’s entryway shoe and boot storage solutions are a great option for people who confront rain and snow for prolonged periods through the year. If you are looking for boot storage racks to be placed at your home entrance, RAKABOT would be the right choice. The company offers several innovative products in this segment which can be customized to suit your needs. If you have any questions in this regard or need to place an order you can get in touch with the team at RAKABOT via phone 1-888-725-2268 or email at expert@rakabot.com