The Team

A team that cares about your needs in order to offer you the best environment.

Mr. Sébastien Lassonde, CEO

Roles: President, entrepreneur, electrical engineer, inventor, father.

Responsibilities: Finance, operations and marketing.

Values: Integrity and respect

Important causes: Education, children and entrepreneurship.

Ambition: To make RAKABOT a world leader in storage solutions and the next big commercial success in Quebec since the pants-saver.

Pride: He founded Tekinno Corp. in 2007, a high-tech company providing solutions to the refueling market globally.

Mr. Martin Thivierge

Roles: Entrepreneur, investor, sales manager, father.

Responsibilities: Sales and advice to clients

Values: Family and making a difference for others

Important causes: Ecology and the environment.

Experience: Martin was Sales Director at NIVEL (PJC) in the retail market and is passionate about consumer goods and bringing new products to market. Pride: It has created a huge hype for Lindor chocolate and Red Bull energy drinks in Quebec

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