Innovative Shoe Storage Solutions That Matter

A good quality shoe rack is an essential item in any home, office, or other commercial spaces. They are instrumental if you use different footwear inside research labs, gyms, and other places that have zero tolerance for dust and contamination. Vertical boot storage is widely used in places where you need to store many pairs of shoes in a compact space. This is because the shoe rack can be adjusted vertically in terms of height and tiers. One may opt for any regular plastic or metal boot racks; however, it is important that they fit into your lobby well and serve the purpose of keeping your shoes and surroundings clean. Many such standard racks require personal cleaning to keep your shoes dry and clean. This is where RAKABOT’s innovative shoe storage solutions can help. You may want to know how these innovative shoe storage solutions differ from regular standard shoe racks. This post answers this question by focusing on some challenges with standard shoe racks and innovative features of RAKABOT’s shoe rack that make them ideal for your lobby.

Challenges You May Face While Using Standard Shoe Racks

Here are some issues you may face while using standard shoe racks.

  • Most standard shoe racks have trays in which the shoes are kept. These trays have no space for the water in the shoes to flow downward or drain. This is one reason why the shoes remain damp. Also, the trays accumulate some water you need to discard from time to time. This issue becomes more critical when it is raining and snowing outside.
  • Some standard shoe racks have a shelf-like structure and shoes are stored on these shelves. The water from the shoes drips and makes the floor wet. Also, some debris may drip and dirty the floor. Wet floors increase the risk of slips and falls.
  • Another issue with standard shoe racks is the fitment in available space. Most of them are broad and short. Ideally, shoe racks must be designed considering vertical boot storage as this can fit in cramped up spaces.

Features That Make RAKABOT’s Shoe Racks Popular

A shoe rack is not just meant to store shoes. It must have features that keep the shoes clean during rains and snowfall as well. RAKABOT’s shoe racks easily meet this requirement. The following pointers will help you understand it better.

  • If the above issues are eliminated, the utility of your shoe rack will certainly enhance. RAKABOT’s shoe racks are made using a patented technology which eliminates these issues all together.
  • These innovative shoe racks feature adjustable tiers and a bowl at the end of each tier. The V-shaped tiers let the water flow via gravity into the bowl beneath them. This helps the shoes dry up and the drained water remains in the bowl which prevents wetting of floors.

RAKABOT has plenty of vertical boot storage rack designs with height and tier adjustment features. RAKABOT offers plastic and metal boot racks with all the above features including self-draining of water. You can choose them as per your budget and preferences.

RAKABOT’s metal boot racks are absolutely innovative and certainly increase the utility and efficiency of shoe storage. The sleek silver and black colors in metal boot racks enhance the look of your entryway or lobby. They are a great option for people living in areas with prolonged periods of rain and snow through the year. RAKABOT’s shoe racks for boots & heels can also be customized to suit specific requirements. Why invest in standard boot racks that do not quite serve the purpose?  If you wish to order RAKABOT’s boot storage units or have any relevant questions, you can get in touch with Our team via our chat or contact page.