Buy Durable & Stylish Stainless Steel Boot Rack and Shoe Storage

Rakabot’s modern and hybrid stainless steel boot racks are made of stainless steel combined with metallic panels. These boot racks feature powder coated painted steel panels used along with 100% brushed steel. These racks are ideal for areas that are well-attended and need high capacity storage. These stylish yet robust stainless steel boot racks are available in varied number of tiers as well as sizes. You can choose the racks that fit your requirements in commercial as well as industrial spaces and homes.
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Beneficial Features of Hybrid Stainless Boot Racks

These hybrid stainless steel boot storage racks have been made using the patented Rakabot technology. They have a huge demand in commercial and industrial areas of their high volume storage capacity and resistance to environmental parameters. The following features of these hybrid boot storage racks have contributed to their easy acceptance.

  • While these racks have a stainless steel construction, they are lightweight and can be moved easily if required.
  • Brushed stainless steel and powder coated panels make these racks long lasting and moisture resistant.
  • The Rakabot technology which is used to make these hybrid stainless steel boot racks allows the sole to dry and drain water by gravity into removable and easy-to-clean buckets. This is because of the V-shaped shelf.
  • The shelves are ribs free, and hence easy to clean as well as store boots and shoes without drippings.
  • These simple, yet elegant hybrid stainless steel racks come with black panels which match with the décor in any commercial setting.
  • Our collection features these boot rack storage units with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 stainless tiers.
  • The shelves come available in standard width of 19” (2 pairs), 28.5” (3 pairs), 38”(4 pairs) and 46.5” (5 pairs).
  • The 46.5” wide boot rack 2-tier rack can store up to ten pairs of footwear, a 3-tier rack can store 15 pairs, a 4-tier rack can store twenty pairs of shoes, and so on.
  • As an option, they can be equipped with standard levelers such as roller coaster kits or draining pipes, or both. They offer security on uneven surfaces and structural stability.

All stainless steel boot racks listed on this page are available in our inventory and can be shipped immediately or as required. We have the capacity to produce thousand units per month and ship them anywhere in Canada and the US. Order your Rakabot hybrid stainless steel boot racks today!